Leather accordion straps – ‘Brown Shelby’s’ CF15


The‘Brown Shelby‘ is a pair of brown leather accordion straps that will subtly enhance your wardrobe. With these vintage hook and loop straps, style your outfits with a personal, original and trendy touch, for a peaky blinders look!

Everything changed in 1822 for leather accordion straps, when a London haberdasher, Albert Thurston, first brought them to the attention of the public, marketing them as ‘brooches’.

The Modern Gentleman vintage hook-and-loop straps are adjustable to fit your body type. Summer or winter, this pair of leather accordion straps will be a chic and faithful accessory, very easy to match.

Stylish and practical in navy, brown or grey, vintage hook and loop straps are a fashionable and timeless trend, offering a unique and chic ensemble that goes towards
look style peaky blinders


Our history of leather accordion straps begins in France. Although this time in the 18ᵉ century, the first vintage hook-and-loop suspenders were little more than decorative strips of fabric attached to the buttonholes of men’s pants. However, that all changed in 1822, when a London merchant, Albert Thurston, first brought them to the public’s attention, marketing them as “brooches”. At that time, vintage accordion clip-on suspenders were exceptionally popular, because due to the loose style of men’s pants at the time, they were a functional asset for the savvy gentleman, lest his pants end up around his ankles.

While this was by no means the death of vintage leather braces, it did result in a shift in popularity towards the belt. There was, however, a major difference between the two at the time. Although belts were undeniably part of outerwear, until the 1930s vintage leather braces were still considered underwear.

Still worn as underwear, it wasn’t until the 1930s that men began to push the envelope and wear them over their shirts, finally reaching their stylistic peak as we know it today. Elegant and practical, our Modern Gentleman vintage leather braces accentuate the shape and sculpt the silhouette, styling and affirming your feminine and masculine curves. These leather accordion straps will follow you everywhere: summer or winter, they will be the essential fashion and chic accessory for the gentleman and the gentlewoman and will magnify your peaky blinders style.

The pairs of
fancy suspenders
at Modern Gentleman can complement your tie, your shirt, be worn with a chino, or radiate your gavroche, this list of uses not being exhaustive, extending to perfect your ‘Parisian gentleman style’.

This collection of leather accordion straps features a variety of materials in bold colours. Navy blue, grey, brick red and ebony black offer a wide range of styles, which are enhanced by trendy materials such as the timeless leather braces or the famous wide accordion straps. Whether worn over your t-shirt or your shirt, our wide, adjustable vintage accordion straps will fit all body types and wardrobes in a peaky blinders style look.

Popularized since 1820, prized and seen as elegant and refined, vintage accordion straps will grace your outfit, on big events such as weddings, but will also prove to be a key asset in your everyday style. The finesse and precision of the men’s and women’s wide suspenders and suits will never go unnoticed, matching and harmonizing with all your different styles.gentleman farmerbecause there will always be a reason and a way to wear a pair of leather accordion straps Modern Gentleman.

A pair of leather accordion straps with a pocket watch, is a personal and intimate item, born from an idea that we offer as gift to please yourself, or simply a gift to offer for a party or a birthday.

Being a gentleman farmerwith style, that can’t be imagined, can’t be dreamed. A gentleman farmer is built through action and over time.

Be different, through elegance.
Be a Modern Gentleman.

A gift to please yourself, or simply to offer. Modern GentlemanThe ‘creators of emotions’.

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Length (cm)

Width (cm)

Height (cm)


Composite materials

70% Polyester; 30% Elastane; 100% Stainless Steel

Product feature

Flexible hook accordion branches


Black, Brown, Silver


Chic, Gentleman Farmer, Peaky Blinders, Steampunk, Vintage


Polyester, Stainless steel



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Leather accordion straps – ‘Brown Shelby’s’ CF15


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