Our history of suspenders begins in France. Although this time in the 18th century, the first fancy suspenders were little more than decorative fabric bands attached to the buttonholes of men’s pants.

However, everything changed in 1822, when a London mercer, Albert Thurston, first brought them to public attention, marketing them as ‘braces’.

At that time, wide suspenders for men and women were exceptionally popular because due to the loose style of men’s pants at the time, they were a functional asset for the savvy gentleman, lest his pants end up around his ankles.

Although it was by no means the death of vintage leather suspenders, it led to a shift in popularity towards the belt.

There was, however, a major difference between the two at the time. While belts were undoubtedly part of outerwear, up until the 1930s, vintage leather suspenders were still considered undergarments.