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Modern Gentleman is a sensory conceptual online store, whose goal is to offer you a unique and innovative emotional experience. An immersive and sensory journey awaits you in the heart of our universe, blending the heritage of a Victorian era where elegance was synonymous with high standards. Our modern designs will bring a unique refinement and authenticity to your outfits.

A sensory journey to the frontiers of the unconscious

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Customized delivery

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A unique experience


''I placed this order for my wedding and due to shipping delays we came up a little short. I contacted the seller and had it shipped to me very quickly.

Thanks to this, my boyfriend was able to get rid of it on our wedding day. The truth is that the product was a sensation, very original and different. The quality was very good and it was as shown in the photo. We are very satisfied with the purchase.''

Irene M.
Client for a wedding

''Beautiful tie of very nice quality, we loved it and the person to whom we offered it even more! The contact was excellent and they sent me the item extremely quickly and at no extra cost which is very nice.

Everything was taken care of, down to the smallest detail: the package and the packaging were also superb! I recommend the ties, the quality / price ratio is unbeatable!''

Cece D.
Customer for costume accessories

''How is Art born? It is born from the ability of our mind to sculpt our sensory environment. It shapes and makes visible our emotions through our senses...''


In order to offer you a journey combining innovative sensory concepts, Modern Gentleman has chosen to go the eco-responsible way. We work closely with the research sector on packaging innovations, as well as the development of new tools, to ensure that you get the unique experience you expect.

Experience an ethical dive into the heart of an intoxicating "Green sensory" atmosphere.

That's why we attach key importance to your sensory journey, from the moment you enter our site, to the moment you open your order.