Maintain and reassemble my watch



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Pocket watch to wind up

In the case of a mechanical watch with manual winding, the principle is to wind the spring of the watch every morning via the crown. This is the external release button on the left side. If you feel resistance in the rotation of the crown, do not force it: it is perfectly wound.

If you notice after a few moments that the needles do not move, stop immediately.

Always turn the crown clockwise, otherwise you risk breaking the inks and inner workings. When there is some resistance in the rotation, it simply means that it is perfectly wound up.

For watches with a counterweight on the back of the dial, winding is done more occasionally.

In general, these watches are sensitive to temperature and shock.

You will find an explanatory video by clicking on this link:

What should I do if my watch leaks?

If condensation forms on the glass or back of your watch, water has entered the case.

If you can't go to a watchmaker, start with :
- Put the watch on with the crown pulled back to release the trigger
- Place your watch near a heat source such as your space heater or oven to remove moisture
- Stand next to it for a few minutes to see if the fog is completely gone.

Maintaining the glass of my scratched watch

To erase the small scratches, light damages and small asperities caused by its daily use, you will need toothpaste, as exfoliant, a soft and wet cloth, a dry cloth and a cotton to remove the surplus:

- Apply toothpaste to the dial of the case, the size of half a hazelnut
- Take your cotton ball and lightly rub the glass of the dial in a concentric way.
- Leave for 2 minutes
- Clean your glass with the wet cloth and dry gently with the dry cloth

Are there any other features I should know about?

Here are the tips from the Modern Gentleman team to maintain your jewelry and prolong its life:

- During this exceptional period, the hydroalcoholic solutions do not damage the metals of your jewelry in any way
- It is recommended to protect your watches separately so that they do not scratch each other
- For obvious security reasons, it is advised not to sleep with your watch chains
- Avoid temperature variations, which can damage the mechanisms of your watch
- Don't shower with your jewelry on, as water and chemicals can damage the internal lubricant and allow water to seep in
- Do not sleep with your watch, an unexpected shock (bedside table, headboard) can happen so quickly. Even during the day, it is better to be careful with shocks
- Avoid contact with chemicals or perfumes that can attack the gasket of your watch