Silk tie – ‘Mike Ross’ TH45


Enterprising and refined, the ‘Mike Ross‘ is a trendy Modern Gentleman tie that is surely one of the most classic and timeless accessories in our range.

With this silk tie, proudly wear the bright royal blue of escape and creativity, or opt for a fiery, passionate red to make a unique statement.

The silk tie knot is a sign of character and ambition, a creator of emotions, which can be worn for formal or casual occasions, always in a peaky blinders style.

Thanks to the composition of this trendy men’s tie, you will be able to add a timeless and elegant touch to your outfit, no matter what style you wish to adopt.



The silk tie has its origins in the Croatian cavalry recruited at the time by King Louis XIII. It seems that the word tie is actually a distortion of the Croatian word. The silk tie had a shape was very different from the one we know today. Presented in the form of a scarf worn around the neck, the silk tie had for first utility, that to protect them from the cold.

At the time, the silk tie is considered original and this fashion will then spread to the court of King Louis XIV in the seventeenth century, then to all of Europe. The Sun King will add his personal touch, such as ribbons and lace to bring a coquettish and elegant side to this fabric.

The different styles will then follow each other to give birth to the original Regatta tie, ancestor of the current tie. Finally, it is in 1926 that the American inventor Jesse Langsdorf will realize the first diagonal silk tie, cut in fabric. This one is assembled in 3 parts to simplify its daily use and to give it a more modern look.

Refined and sublime, our Modern Gentleman silk ties emphasise and sculpt your outfits, styling and affirming your feminine and masculine curves. Our trendy men’s and women’s ties will follow you everywhere: summer and winter, they will be the timeless fashion accessory, a must for the gentleman and the gentlewoman, and will subtly enhance your peaky blinders style look.

At Modern Gentleman, our original tie designs can complement your suit, your shirt, be worn with slim-fitting pants, or even shine with your gavroche, this list of uses not being exhaustive, extending to perfect your Parisian gentleman style.

This collection of original silk ties features a variety of materials in bold colors. There are different designs and styles silk ties with stripes, flowers, or floral pattern will offer you, by their color compatibility, a wide potential of styles, these will be revealed by materials trends, like the timeless original blue and gold ties or even the famous trendy men’s and women’s ties with flowers.

Refined and elegant, the trendy tie for men or women is surely the most timeless classic accessory. Whether it’s a single tie, Windsor knot or Double Four-In-Hand, depending on the event, the trendy men’s and women’s tie will fit your Parisian gentleman’s presentation with precision and uniqueness.

With character and ambition, our original silk ties can be worn for either formal or casual occasions. Whether worn over your t-shirt or your shirt, our original ties are adjustable and will fit all body types and wardrobes, in a peaky blinders style look.

An original silk tie is a personal and intimate item, born from an idea that you give yourself as a gift or simply as a gift for a party or a birthday.

Being a gentleman farmer with style, that can’t be imagined, can’t be dreamed. A gentleman farmer is built through action and over time.

Be different, through elegance.
Be a Modern Gentleman.

A gift to please yourself, or simply to offer. Modern Gentleman The ‘creators of emotions’.

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Composite materials

100% Silk

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Plain pattern


Blue, Red


Chic, Gentleman Farmer, Peaky Blinders





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Silk tie – ‘Mike Ross’ TH45


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