Holders, Cases Cigarette and Cigare

The antique cigarette and cigare box case and the vintage cigarette holder ring initiated their appearance in privileged circles in the 1890s in the United States during the industrial revolution.

The vintage cigarette holder was first installed in high society by gentlemen during boudoir meetings. It was then popularized by fashionable women in the 1910s and became widespread around the world in 1935.

The democratization of the luxurious vintage cigarette holder by women such as Princess Margaret or Jacqueline Kennedy was a significant issue for the suffragette era. The main goal was to bring modernity and equity between men and women.

Regarding the slim art deco luxury cigarette case, its democratization was amplified during the post-war years to make it easier to carry packs of 50 cigarettes previously called ‘flat fifties’.

The appearance of two-piece suits finally transformed this valueless object into a true decorative accessory dedicated to gentle(wo)men. Today, using a vintage leather cigarette case or a cigarette holder allows you to stand out by adopting a refined style that combines History and Modernity.