The leather bracelet traces its origins back more than 2.5 million years. Constantly evolving, they were a symbol of common peoples and geographical recognition.

The first manufactured bracelets were mostly made of leather, bark, and bone, long before the exploitation of minerals.

The men’s and women’s leather bracelet was also recognized as an identifying mark among different troops of soldiers and knights. Highlighting their belonging to a community or their warlord, the braided bracelet was also a spiritual ornament presented and emancipated in the Arab-Balkan regions, until the beginning of the first millennium.

The most well-known braided stainless steel Milanese bracelet has its origins in the Danish and Scandinavian armies, known as housecarl warriors.

Freed from its military origins, the stainless steel Milanese bracelet becomes more of a decorative piece of jewelry and a distinctive sign of the wearer’s financial means. During Roman times, the men’s and women’s leather bracelet differentiated into wrist bracelets and ankle bracelets, often made of gold and diamonds.