Antique men’s pocket watch with gear – ‘James Dean’ ED67

Antique men's gousset watch vintage gear mechanical pocket dean gold seven

Antique men’s pocket watch with gear – ‘James Dean’ ED67


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“Since you can’t change the direction of the wind, you have to learn how to set the sails,” said James Dean.

Here is however a antique gousset watch man gearing that will allow you to mix the world of yesteryear with the present. It is meticulously made with a polished and ashy dial, and the case is made of a mixture of copper, pewter and gold-plated steel. The back of the watch is engraved with meticulous polished dots, which are ashy and marked by the artificial wear of the watchmaker in a peaky blinders style look, combining Victorian and elegance.

With poetry, you will be able to attest to the time that escapes as the hands of this vintage pocket watch spin around as elegantly as skillful alexandrines would describe it.

With more grace than a verse written by authors of the Romantic movement in the XIXᵉ century would describe, this accessory transcribes that now-gone era with feeling. This antique men’s pocket watch will undoubtedly be a hit with literary gentlemen, tender or concerned about bringing softness to their worked style.

Filled with romance, this vintage James Dean gold mechanical pocket gusset watch, a true object of emotion, endowed with nobility and full of charm, will be a delicate gift full of sweetness or an elegant accessory to add to your sophisticated gentleman’s outfits, poetizing your peaky blinders style look.

Additional information

Pocket Watches type

Watch with mechanical gears



Length (cm)

Width (cm)

Height (cm)


Composite materials

100% Stainless Steel

Product feature

Setting amethyst wheels


Analog (Needles)

Chain color



Brun & Laiton, Gold, White


Amethysts, Brass, Stainless steel


Chic, Design, Gentleman Farmer, Peaky Blinders, Steampunk, Vintage



Age group



The watch antique gousset man gearing dates back to November 1562. A letter of this date, written by the Italian clockmaker Bartholomew Manfredi, was found in which he offers a pocket clock to the Marquis of Mantua Federico Gonzaga for whom the letter was intended. Peter Henlein, a locksmith and watchmaker from Nuremberg, is said to have been the inventor of the skeleton watch with gears. To date, this remains uncertain. He was indeed the first German craftsman who succeeded in making a timepiece into a pendant.

The first vintage mechanical pocket watch was an antique pocket watch for suits and quite large compared to those of today. At the time, it was a big breakthrough to be able to miniaturize all the technology present in a large clock. Associated with technical progress, the silver and gold pocket watch has been adopted by many innovators and entrepreneurs. The skeleton watch gearing man recalls in particular the emancipation of the railways in the XIXᵉ century. The railroaders were made by Levi Strauss a small specific pocket, inside the front pocket of their jeans, to accommodate and protect this famous watch apparent mechanism.

Note that as a result of this technological advance, this new approach was the most common mode of pocket watchmaking until the XXᵉ century.

The men’s skeleton gear watch is named for a reason. The railroaders were made by Levi Strauss a small specific pocket, inside the front pocket of their jeans, to accommodate and protect this famous watch apparent mechanism. Indeed, the gusset was at the time a small pocket at the bottom of the vest in which it could be practical to put his watch.

The latter found its famous name here. Indeed, the pocket, still present in many jeans today, was designed in the place initially reserved for our precious vintage mechanical pocket watch. The “Gusset” is the small pocket located at the bottom of the timeless suit vest. More than ever in the taste of the day, the antique pocket watch, costume or onion. With its discreet and old-fashioned appearance, the antique pocket watch will stand out for its uniqueness; never out of fashion, more than ever trendy.

Wearing a skeleton watch with gears for men is a way to differentiate yourself from other people who will wear a tie or a bow tie with a simple watch. The vintage gold and silver pocket watch can be worn for any type of event from the simplest to the most sophisticated. The decision to wear a vintage pocket watch is really up to the wearer. In general, the latter does it either by habit of dress, or with the intention to show his difference, or even a certain social rank, or with the will to astonish those whom he intends to meet.

Sensual and elegant, our Modern Gentleman skeleton watch models emphasize the curves and sculpt your outfits, styling and affirming your feminine and masculine lines. Our vintage suit pocket watches will follow you everywhere: summer and winter, they will be the timeless and stylish accessory, a must for the gentleman and the gentlewoman and will subtly magnify your peaky blinders style look.

At Modern Gentleman, our gusseted watches with visible mechanisms can complement your suit, your gavroche cap, be worn with slim-fitting pants, or even shine with your gavroche, this list of uses not being exhaustive, extending to perfect your Parisian gentleman style.

Sublime and refined, the men’s skeleton gear watch is surely the most timeless classic accessory. Whether it’s a simple skeleton watch, a gear watch or a gold and silver pocket watch, depending on the event, the exposed mechanism watch will fit your ‘Parisian gentleman‘ presentation with precision and uniqueness.

A testament to character and ambition, our vintage mechanical pocket watches can be worn for either formal or casual occasions. Whether they are worn on your t-shirt or your shirt, watch skeleton gear man are adjustable and will fit all types of body types and wardrobes, in a peaky blinders style look.

A vintage mechanical pocket watch is a personal and intimate possession, born from an idea that one gives oneself as a gift or simply as a gift for a party, a wedding or an anniversary.

Being a gentleman farmer with style, that can’t be imagined, can’t be dreamed. A gentleman farmer is built through action and over time.

Be different, through elegance. Be a Modern Gentleman.

A gift to please yourself, or simply to offer. Modern GentlemanThe ‘creators of emotions’.