Clothing pin – ‘Danbury’ MB01

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Clothing pin – ‘Danbury’ MB01


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The ‘Danburry’ is a clothing pin made with two redstart feathers in fine colors, combining deep black and gold tones. Of this jewel pin costume, not without recalling illustrious French dynasties of the sixteenth century, it is actually a symbol of modesty and elegance, which will enhance your outfit peaky blinders.

Maintained by a silver hoop and clasp, which brings to the set an inflected movement and a light refinement, this
clothes pin brooch
will be the talk of the town.

By acquiring this jewel pin costume, finally sported a set of the most unique and refined in everyday life as in evening themed, for a look style peaky blinders.

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Length (cm)

Width (cm)

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Composite materials

100% Stainless Steel; Bird feathers

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Clothes brooch pin


Black, Matte Steel, Orange-en


Chic, Gentleman Farmer, Peaky Blinders, Vintage


Feathers, Stainless steel



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The clothes pin has evolved considerably since its beginnings in the ancient world. Silver and gold brooches were used in a functional capacity to attach or secure articles of clothing. The first jewelry brooches were made of thorns, flints and sticks. During the Bronze Age, the pinpricks were then made by hand in metal. The purely practical uses of gold brooches stopped in the Middle Ages and silver brooches became ornaments used only for adornment and decoration.

In the Georgian era, pin brooches were often lined with aluminum and had closed frames. It was to improve or change the color and luster of the gemstone. The Victorians preferred the mourning jewelry brooch which usually had black enamel and was engraved with the date of the deceased and encapsulated a lock of their hair. The pin sometimes had a removable glass panel to store the hair.

Used as cloak fasteners and worn by the Celts and Vikings, the first Celtic silver brooches were seen in the early medieval period in Ireland and Britain and feature a long pin attached to a ring. The pin moves around the ring, which is open, allowing the pin to pass through without leaving a permanent hole in the garment. In Viking times, the
clothing pin brooches
were worn daily by both men and women and were available in a variety of details.

The best known is French, the pin pin ‘la tremblant’. Tremblant is a French term meaning to shake and defines a type of jewelry brooch, most often a floral spray, where the center of the flower is attached to a mechanism that allows it to move when worn. These types of pinbrooches were set with rose-cut or old-cut diamonds, or both, and were fashionable in the 18th and 19th centuries, before the advent of electricity. The shaking effect was most striking when the diamonds moved in the candlelight.

Jewelry brooches or clothes pin brooches, of various shapes and hooks, are a guarantee of high esteem and will give your outfit, by simple shapes, a touch of refinement and elegance. Usually used at the king’s court, the
pin brooches
were used to close clothes or to embellish women’s hair.

Silver brooches or gold brooches were very common in 1700, reaching their peak over the decades. Popularized among men as
suit pin for men
or hat pins. It was not until the 1900’s that they became vestpins, buttonhole pins or simple suit pins.

Modern Gentleman jewel brooches or pin brooches can be used to hold your tie, your shirt, worn as a buttonhole, on your hat or on the collar of your suit shirt, this list of uses is not exhaustive, extending to perfect your ‘Parisian gentleman style’.

Used for centuries as timeless, gold and silver collar pins and brooches will grace your outfit at major events such as weddings, but will also prove to be a key asset in your everyday style. The finesse and precision of
men’s suit pins
or hatpins will never go unnoticed, blending and harmonizing brilliantly with all your different styles, because there will always be a reason and a way to wear a Modern Gentleman jewelry pin.

A clothespin brooch is a personal and intimate item, born from an idea that we offer as a
to please yourself, or simply a gift for a party or a birthday.

Being a gentleman farmer with style is not something you can imagine or dream of. A gentleman farmer is built through action and over time.

Be different, through elegance.
Be a Modern Gentleman.

A gift to please yourself, or simply to offer. Modern GentlemanThe ‘creators of emotions’.