Vintage art deco cigarette case – ‘Vince Shelby’ DU25


Because if smoking was always in the mores, the cigarette pack seems to have had trouble adapting. Also, here is a solution for any Modern Gentleman who wishes to keep his elegance, even while smoking, thevintage brown leathercigarette case, the Vince Shelby. Once called “flat fifties” in the United States, these early cigarette cases were popular as early as 1920.

Swap the classic pack for this large art deco brown leather cigarette case with grey metal trim and become the most stylish of the smoking room, for peaky blinders.

It will be easy for you to open your luxurious art deco cigarette case thanks to its press button and its large size that allows you to align twenty cigarettes on each side. In addition, the mixture of leather and metal that makes up this vintage leather cigarette case will allow you a combination of charm and sobriety that will cross the ages. Finally, the simplicity of this art deco luxury cigarette case makes it a perfect gift for a loved one who might need it, finishing off your peaky blinders style outfits.


The vintage leather cigarette case and the antique cigarette holder first appeared in the privileged spheres in the 1890s in the United States during the industrial revolution. The vintage cigarette smoker was first installed in high society by men during boudoir meetings. It was then popularized by the socialite women of yesteryear in the 1910s and generalized worldwide in 1935.

The democratization of the luxurious vintage cigarette holder by women like Princess Margaret or Jacqueline Kennedy, was a major issue for the suffragette era; The main goal was to bring modernity and equity between men and women. The luxury cigarette case slim art deco, its democratization will be amplified during the post-war years to carry more easily packs of 50 cigarettes previously called ‘Flat Fifties‘.

The appearance of two-piece suits finally transformed this worthless object into a real decorative accessory for gentlemen. Today, using a vintage leather cigarette case or cigarette holder allows you to distinguish yourself by adopting a refined style mixing history and modernity.

These luxurious slim art deco cigarette cases will follow you everywhere: summer or winter, they will be the essential fashion and chic accessory for the gentleman and the gentlewoman and will magnify your stylish look
peaky blinders

These vintage cigarette holders will dress with charm and elegance your outfits as well as your suit jackets. Seductive and refined, our cases
Modern Gentleman
tastefully combine refined patterns and modern colors for a distinguished look. Accessories of mystery and charm of the most seductive, they will refine your sense of elegance. Express your poetry with a case or a vintage cigarette holder, with multiple possibilities of associations, thanks to its malleability and its unique soft texture.

The vintage leather cigarette cases at Modern Gentleman can complement your old fashioned zippo lighter, your shirt, be worn with an old fashioned liquor flask, or radiate your gavroche beret, this list of uses not being exhaustive, extending to perfect your ‘Parisian gentleman style’.

This luxurious slim art deco cigarette case collection features a variety of materials in bold colors. Black, brown, brick leather and deep gray will offer you, by their colorimetric compatibility, a wide potential of styles, these will be revealed by trendy materials.

A vintage leather cigarette case or antique cigarette holder is a personal and intimate item, born from an idea that one gives as a gift to please oneself, or simply a gift to offer for a party or a birthday. Let yourself be tempted by our collection of leather cases or wooden cigarette holders, each one more beautiful than the next. They will accessorize your outfit with a touch of elegance and sophistication for a peaky blinders look.

Being a gentleman farmer with style is not something you can imagine or dream of. A gentleman farmer is built through action and over time.

Be different, through elegance. Be a Modern Gentleman. A gift to please yourself, or simply to offer. Modern Gentleman, creators of emotions’.

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Container for 20 cigarettes


100% Stainless Steel; 100% Leather


Smooth leather, Stainless steel


Casual, Chic, Design, Peaky Blinders, Steampunk, Vintage


Modern Gentleman








luxury vintage art deco antique brown leather cigarette box vince shelby seven new

Vintage art deco cigarette case – ‘Vince Shelby’ DU25


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