Original zippo lighter – ‘Finn Shelby’ MG07


This original old-fashioned zippo lighter will be the talk of the town and will highlight the Modern Gentleman with refined tastes that you are. A singular collector’s item, this vintage cylindrical Finn Shelby black lighter will prove to be as practical as it is elegant while you carry it with you everywhere to perfect your peaky blinders look. With its black color, this old-fashioned zippo will be a sober adventure companion that will match all your clothing desires.

Small size, old fashioned zippo lighter will fit perfectly in the palm of your hand or in your cigarette pack and will easily replace a classic lighter. If you are a smoker, the cylinder shape of this original old-fashioned zippo lighter will make a perfect match with cigarettes. Fashion accessory, old fashioned zippo lighter can also be acquired as a collector’s item by its singular design.

This is a great gift for a loved one looking for a cylindrical lighter or simply a lover of emotionally charged objects for a peaky blinders look.


The original vintage zippo lighter has its origins in the 1930s at the Bradford Country Club in Bradford, Pennsylvania. The Zippo was born long before the classic lighter known today. Its difficult commercial start led the company to a steady decline for several years. The creative source of this invention when the eponymous designer decided to create a lighter system against the wind, with a much more refined and elegant design, like a Modern Gentleman.

The name Zippo comes from the word Zipper, the sound emitted when opening this original old-fashioned lighter, giving it a more modern and international note, the Zippo.

It will be necessary to wait 20 years and the beginnings of the war of Vietnam, so that the company distributes to the G.I soldiers, lighters zippo adapted to any situation and ground. The 1980s were a boom time for the company, with annual sales of over 200 million copies.

Refined and sublime, our Modern Gentleman zippo lighter models emphasize the shapes and sculpt your outfits, styling and affirming your feminine and masculine curves. Our original vintage zippo lighters will follow you everywhere: summer and winter, they will be the fashionable and timeless accessory, a must for the gentleman and the gentlewoman and will subtly magnify your peaky blinders style look.

At Modern Gentleman, our old fashioned zippo lighters can complement your suit, your whiskey and alcohol flask, be worn with a cigarette case, or even shine with your gavroche, this list of uses not being exhaustive, extending to perfect your Parisian gentleman style.

This collection of old fashioned zippo lighters presents various materials in bold colors. There are different designs and styles original vintage zippo lighters, with stripes, floral, or with floral pattern will offer you, by their color compatibility, a wide potential of styles, the latter will be revealed by trendy materials, such as timeless zippo lighters in the old gold or black.

Refined and subtle, the old fashioned zippo lighter is surely the most timeless classic accessory. Whether it’s an original vintage zippo lighter bow, a Windsor knot or a Double Four-In-Hand, depending on the event, the old-fashioned zippo lighter will fit your ‘Parisian gentleman‘ presentation with precision and uniqueness.

A testament to character and ambition, our original vintage zippo lighters can be worn for either formal or casual occasions. Whether they are worn on your t-shirt or your shirt, zippo lighter are adjustable and will be adapted to all types of morphologies and wardrobes, in a peaky blinders style look.

Our original vintage zippo lighters is a personal and intimate good, born from an idea that we offer as
to please yourself, or simply a gift for a party or a birthday.

Being a gentleman farmerwith style, that can’t be imagined, can’t be dreamed. A gentleman farmer is built through action and over time.

Be different, through elegance.
Be a Modern Gentleman.

A gift to please yourself, or simply to offer. Modern GentlemanThe ‘creators of emotions’.

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Length (cm)

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Composite materials

100% Stainless Steel

Product feature

Cigarette lighter design


Casual, Chic, Design, Peaky Blinders, Steampunk, Vintage


Black, Silver


Stainless steel



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original zippo lighter Finn shelby black slim new

Original zippo lighter – ‘Finn Shelby’ MG07


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